"Milan guided visits from Rome"

Milan guided visits from Rome

All Italian cities deserve at least a one-day visit, but some more than others. Our “Milan guided visits from Rome” brings you to the European capital of fashion and design: it is also the financial capital of Italy and a treasure trove of history and art. The outstanding cathedral is the most important gothic architectural building in Italy, the “Vittorio Emanuele” Gallery is Milan’s social salon, and there is much more to see! The convent of Santa Maria Delle Grazie hosts Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous fresco, “The Last Supper.” If you are planning a day trip from Rome to Milan, please book a visit to “The Last Supper” well in advance.

Rome to Milan by train day trip

Duration: 7 Hours
Price: From 158 €
Days of Operation: Every day
Pick up Time: 9:00 am from the hotel

Would you really like to know Milan better?

Our local guides will lead you through discovering this beautiful city. Milan is the Italian capital of fashion and design and houses the most elegant shopping district in the world. Milan’s city centre is famous for the wonderful Gothic cathedral, the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, the Sforza Castle, and Leonardo Da Vinci’s world-renowned “Last Supper.”

Enjoy your day in Milan, exploring the best of this unique city.

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