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This tour is for those who want to discover the pillars of the Roman Empire! The driver will accompany you to Capitoline Hill, the starting point of this guided tour, with 7 stops in 1500 meters. On its top, Michelangelo designed the actual marvelous Square. If only for the Monumental Square with the Marco Aurelio equestrian statue and the killing views on the Roman Forum, this is one of the must-see spots of Rome. Going down the hill, you will pass by the copy of the she-wolf that nursed Romolo and Remo. Next, you will stop to hear the history of the Empire while admiring its fascinating ruins. Finally, you will visit a unicum, the Saints Cosma and Damiano Basilic. If the Colosseum still needs to be presented, we invite you to read more below.

The Capitoline Hill

The Capitoline hill is the most important of the seven hills of Rome. In fact, after 3000 years, it still is the center of Roman political life. On the ancient Tabularium, the Ancient Rome State Archive sits today the seat of the city hall. Your guide will not only explain the fascinating origin of the word Capitol but also all the restyling of this fantastic place. In the 16th century, Michelangelo designed today’s harmonious square, flanked by the two aisles of the Capitoline Museums and closed by the Senatorial Palace. Marcus Aurelio Statue dominates its center.

Roman Forum (from outside)

We will not enter the Forum but will have the opportunity to understand its magnificence from three different perspectives. First, you will admire the rest of the ancient Basilicas, the political center of the Empire. Second, your guide will also explain the significance of the temples and the other religious buildings.
The original sacred way is still there and is easily recognizable from above.

Incredible but true: at the time of Emperor Traian, behind his Forum, there was the first shopping center in the world.  The building is known as Trajan’s Markets, dates 112 – 113 a.D. and is still there, incredibly preserved!

Saints Cosma and Damiano Basilica

The history of this Basilica, you will visit inside, is very ancient like the one of the two benefactor medicians. The Church sits on a round building with original bronze doors open on the Forum.  Once mistaken for the Romulus temple, it is visible from inside the Basilica thanks to a glass wall. The incredible 6th Century mosaic of the apse is rich in Christian symbols, and the Chapel of the Crucifixion houses one of the rare dressed Christs.

The Colosseum

You will finally enter the Colosseum! Inaugurated in 80 A. D., the Roman Colosseum is the most famous Rome’s landmark, also known as The Flavian Amphitheater, after the Imperial Dynasty that built it in only 2 years and 9 months. So why do we call it Colosseum? Your guide will tell you many stories about this glorious monument, and at the end of this tour through time, you will bring 3000 years of history to life. During this tour, even children will be fascinated by our professional guides anecdotes!

Remember to take the Colosseum ticket

The Colosseum ticket is valid 24 hours and can be used to enter the Roman Forum area which has elevators and an accessible pathway.

Tour Details and other info

The departure time with a private car is at 9:00 or 15:00, but it is customizable! We pick you up from all hotels, apartments, and B & Bs in Rome (within a radius of 7 kilometers from the Pantheon). For a surcharge, we will pick you up at other locations or at the dock of your ship, where we will bring you back in time for departure.
It is not possible to introduce large backpacks and bags and large umbrellas inside the sites. However, handbags, small packs, and resealable umbrellas are allowed.

Included in the tour

• Departure from your Hotel/Apartment/B&B
• 3 hours private certified guide
• Free Colosseum entrance tickets for participants with certification to bring along to be shown at the Colosseum entrance
COVID 19 safety measures: face mask and hand sanitizer available to travelers and staff (social distancing from other visitors enforced: temperature checks for everybody entering museums and archaeological sites).

Not included:

• Tickets for other participants (remember to add them at the booking check out)

Duration: 3 Hours

Price: Starting from 52 €

Days of operation: Every day except 25 Dec e 1 May

Departure: 9:00 / 15:00 from the hotel

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Piazza del Popolo

Piazza del Campidoglio

Circo Massimo

The She-wolf – Campidoglio

Piazza Bocca della Verità

Mercati Traianei

Visita guidata Piazza Navona

Via dei Fori Imperiali

Visita guidata Piazza Navona

Saints Cosma and Damiano Basilica

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The best way to discover Rome is on foot, to immerse yourself in everyday life. We know that it is not an easy task in the presence of mobility problems because Rome is an ancient city with many cobblestone streets and architectural barriers! However, there are still many places that we can all enjoy. Much has been done to overcome these problems. The creators of Mapful came up with the idea of ​​mapping those places together with basic public services like pharmacies and restrooms. They helped us design this itinerary. In the meantime, download the Mapful App for free, which is also available for Android and Apple devices.

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Let us show you the capital of Italy and of the Roman Empire. Our expert guides will deliver the best possible Rome experience. Have fun and bring home unforgettable memories strolling by the world-famous fountains and squares of Rome. We tailor-make each holiday to your specific requirements: discovering the hidden scenery of the eternal city will be a great adventure.

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