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  • Availability: All year round
  • Days of operation: Everyday except Monday
  • Duration: 3 hours plus time to reach the site

Ancient Ostia: Guided Tour – Tickets Included:

Who needs to go to Pompeii for the true Roman experience! Ostia was Rome’s major port town that – having been covered in mud for centuries – remains beautifully preserved. Vast numbers of baths, houses and temples remain on display, with the buildings perfectly organised in a Roman town structure.

Experience this ancient ‘shopping centre’ as barracks, warehouses, offices and taverns sit side-by-side.

Tour Description and Highlights:

Neptune Baths:

Founded in 335 B.C., Ostia was Rome’s major port until the route of Tiber changed, dramatically affecting the utility of the town. From the 4th century, the town was slowly covered with mud that came from the river, perfectly preserving this age-old town.

On gem to be enjoyed is the Neptune Baths – on the terrace, find magnificent mosaics that depict ancient life. This is just one of countless other examples, and your guide is sure to show you them all!

The House of Diana:

This typically Roman apartment showcases how they used to live, as two floors have been perfectly preserved. Wander the home and experience what life was like over two millennia ago.

The Warehouses & Thermopolium:

The final stop-off includes the shopping district of the town – an impressive array of 2nd-century edifices that could easily exist in the modern day. Both the Epagathiana Warehouses and the Thermopolium wouldn’t look out of place in any 21st-century Italian city! Seeing is believing!

What’s included in the tour:

– Train ticket
– Certified Professional Guide
– Entrance ticket

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