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  • Availability: All year round
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  • Duration: 3 hours

Most Beautiful Fountains and Squares:

There is no better way to admire Rome than on two feet, so take to the streets and appreciate the beauty of what unfolds around you. From archaeological sites to ancient Roman remains, romantic fountains to magnificent churches – there is so much to see and do it is incredibleto think you will have the time. But once you have visited one of the impressive squares, you will want to see them all!

Tour Description and Highlights:

Piazza Del Popolo

Starting in the Piazza del Popolo, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful squares in the world thanks to its twin churches, an ancient obelisk that dominates its centre and the magnificent Valadier fountains, the area is simply stunning. Explore the surrounds and wander behind the façade of Santa Maria del Popolo where you will find a host of incredible masterpieces.

Spanish Steps

Proceed to the Spanish Steps, one of the biggest tourist spots in the city. As you stand and admire the Church of Trinitàdei Monti, which sits at the top of a famous stairwell with the Fontana Della Barcaccia at its foot, you will wonder how they were ever able to complete it.

Trevi Fountain

Hidden down the narrow backstreets of the city, Trevi Fountain is a secretive masterpiece, and perhaps the most spectacular fountain in Rome. Built at the end of one of the famed aqueducts that supplied the Roman empire with water, this iconic setting attracts many visitors if only for them to toss a coin into its waters to ensure their safe return to Rome at some stage in the future.

Piazza Venezia

The monumental building at the foot of the Capitoline Hill is the 20th Century white-marble Vittoriano: a memorial erected in honour of King Victor Emanual II. Dedicated to the ‘MiliteIgnoto’, or the ‘Unknown Soldier’, it was built to commemorate all those who died in battle, never to be identified.

The Pantheon

A true masterpiece to admire on your tour of Rome: The Pantheon. Immaculately preserved and seemingly just a few centuries old, it is difficult to believe that the structure was finished in AD 128 by Emperor Hadrian. In the square in front – a gathering place for locals – discover a decorative 16thcentury fountain sitting beneath the Egyptian obelisk.

Navona Square

Continue to the Piazza Navona, one of the largest squares in all of Rome. The space is incredibly popular among tourists for one primary reason: Bernini’s “Fountain of the Four Rivers.” Built to represent The Nile, The Ganges, The Danube and Rio de la Plata, the structure now sits amidst the artists who arrive to peddle their wares on a daily basis.

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