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  • Availability: All year round
  • Days of operation: Everyday
  • Duration: 3 hours plus dinner
  • Hotel Pick up: 18:30

Rome by Night with Chauffeur – Dinner Included:

Discover the Eternal City during the most romantic of hours – once the sun has drifted beyond the horizon and the splendour of the world’s greatest monuments reveals itself beneath glinting lights.

Your chauffeur-driven carriage awaits as an experienced guide will weave their way from Janiculum Hill to the Coliseumand beyond,sharing untold insights of this timeless metropolis. Depart from your hotel and experience a journey through history finished off with a delectable dinner– all included in the price.

If a more intimate Italian experience exists, we are yet to discover it.

Tour Description and Highlights:

Janiculum Hill

Ascend the second highest hill in all of Rome and admire the splendourof a sparkling skyline from this lofty outpost. Sitting on the western extremity of the city, there are few better vantage points from which to relish the domed edifices and beautiful bell-towers of this enchanting urban spectacle.

Sights at Janiculum Hill include the church of San Pietro – rumoured to be the location of St Peter’s crucifixion – as well as a small shrine known as Tempietto; otherwise understood to be the site of Peter’s death.

Castel Sant’Angelo &St. Peter’s Square

Descend from the heights of Janiculum Hill and pass beyond the Tiber, only to be confronted by the marvellous Castel Sant’Angelo. Then, move onwards to the enchanting St. Peter’s Square: set within Vatican City in front of the famed St. Peter’s Basilica, the most iconic photos of this towering monument are always captured at night.

At the heart of the piazza lies an ancient Egyptian Obelisk, built in 1586. The square didn’t take its ultimate formuntil almost 100 years later thanks to the inspired design of GianLorenzo Bernini.It was he who introduced the Tuscan colonnades that now frame the surrounds.

The Coliseum

There are few more recognisable edifices than that of the Coliseum: the largest amphitheatre ever built, the structure marks the centre of the city and neighbours the impressiveRoman Forum.

Dating back to AD 72, the amphitheatre held crowds of up to 80,000 locals baying for blood during gladiatorial spectacles, as man fought beast to the delight of thousands. Perhaps the most striking of engineering feats in the entire country, the Coliseum is the purest form of empirical power on display throughout Italy.

Piazza Venezia

Traverse the inspiring Imperial Forum towards the illuminated Piazza Venezia, whose imposing marble monument to Vittoria Emanuele II becomes ever more dramatic as day folds into night.

Once home to the embassy of the Republic of Venice, the piazza is the central hub of the city where several roads intersect, reflecting its true heritage having been built by the Venetian Cardinal – Pietro Barbo.

Campidoglio& Roman Forum

Bring the night to a close in the charming Campidoglio Square – the spectacular spot from which to enjoy further panoramas of the Roman Forum. Formerly known as Mons Saturnius, the hill was once dedicated to the god Saturn, prior to its name evolving into Capitoline Hill; or Campidoglio, in Italian.

Beyond lies the Roman Forum: the ancient marketplace where day-to-day life continued unabated for centuries with many a triumphal procession, public speech, gladiatorial march and political campaign run in its surrounds.

The rich archaeological history of the site now attracts upwards of 4.5 million sightseers a year.


As if you haven’t had your fill of Italian delights, the tour ends in a typical Italian restaurant where guests can indulge in the finest of local cuisine. Enjoy a starter, main course and dessert to round off the perfect evening.


What’s included in the tour:

– Private, chauffeur-driven car
– Professional certified Guide
– Courtesy pick-up from centrally located hotels
– Dinner in a typical Italian restaurant – First Course, Main Course & water

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