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  • Availability: All year round
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  • Duration: 3 hours
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Rome For Kids: Navona Square:

Let the fun begin! Kids, cameras at the ready – it’s time to spot as many animals as you can!

Piazza Navona is famed for its wildlife as they flock around the main square of the town, captured in the sculptures to remain for evermore. Many of these beasts were unknown to the Romans when carved, yet still made it into the finished masterpiece.

With works from the likes of Bernini, Borromini, Caravaggio, Della Porta and many other ancient Romans, the whole family will love this eventful tour. Learn how the grassy plain of Campus Marzius was transformed into Piazza Navona; hear how the Pantheon became a key Roman church, and get excited about the animals that are hidden along the way – they reveal insights into the ancient world that are rarely told.

Tour Description and Highlights:

Navona Square

The famous gathering spot for Romans and tourists alike, and vibrant with decoration and intricate artworks. Teams are formed as the children set off in search of the hidden details to win the first hunt – Piazza Navona was a stadium for the Romans, so why not continue with the fun and games!

The Many Animals of the Surrounds

Duck and dive among hidden alleys, many of which are named after the animals themselves, discovering all manner of ancient Christian symbols and uncovering secrets of the old world. The winged bull is a favourite for many and easily discovered with a little help from your guide.

Find snakes, a sow, a gazelle, an octopus, an armadillo, lions and even a salamander on the façade of St. Louis of the French Church. He is the guardian of Caravaggio’s marvellous paintings, as well as a watchful eye over the wildlife.

The Pantheon

Then onto the Pantheon, which towers high above smaller visitors; over two-thousand years old and still standing proud. It is a true marvel of the ancient – and modern – world! Built in the 1st-century by Emperor Hadrian, without windows and with only one opening at the top of the dome, it is a masterpiece of ancient architecture. Watch as the kids scratch their heads as to how it’s never flooded, even with the heavy rains of Italy!

What’s included in the tour:

– English-speaking children-friendly guide
– Special book with clues for the treasure hunt, as well as information on the history, art and legends of the monuments
– Headsets

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