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  • Availability: All year round
  • Days of operation: Everyday
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departure: On request

Rome for Kids – Villa Borghese:

Children love to wander the sights of Villa Borghese, enjoying countless hours of fun within one of the biggest and most colourful parks of the city. Throughout are many examples of Baroque and Renaissance Italy for more inquisitive minds in a space that is tailor-made for our treasure hunt games. Let the fairy tales begin as the teams race off in exploration!

Accompanied by their guides, and with a special book that gives details of the monuments they will discover, the kids will love what they are about to learn about the history, art and sculptures of the park.

Tour Description and Highlights:

Galleria Borghese & Piazza di Siena

While racing around for clues, the kids will learn everything there is to know about these two spots while enjoying the endless carvings of mythical creatures hidden among the secret temples and gardens. Followed by their very own guide, the children will be a wealth of knowledge on their return.

Laghetto & Fortezzuola

With anecdotes shared by the guide, the children will discover the small lake and the small castle, which evolve with the seasons to present new colours and dimensions so no two visits will ever be the same. Hear how the gardens became home to the many dragons and eagles that now hide around the fountains but beware – avoid the steely gaze of Medusa less you fall under her spell!!

Bioparco & Giardino Segreto

The very name of Villa Borghese stems from the monuments and gardens that create the vibrant, wooded areas of the parkland with its variety of tree species. Once residence to Cardinal Scipione Borghese in the 17th-century, the ‘Casino Nobile’ has now become a museum in which the whole family will appreciate the neoclassical masterpieces of the times. Intricately decorated sculptures from 18th-century painters adorn the walls to capture young minds so spend some time admiring the skill of these timeless creatives.

The zoo will also attract the attention of the children, but the entrance fee is not included in the ticket price should you wish to go in.

What’s included in the tour:

– children-friendly Guide
– Fantastic book with clues for the treasure hunt as well as information and pictures on the art and history of the area
– Headsets

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