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  • Availability: All year round
  • Days of operation: Everyday
  • Duration: 4 hours

Underground Rome – San Clemente & The Catacombs:

Discover the hidden churches and temples that lie deep beneath the streets of modern-day Rome; this is the charm of San Clemente. St. Sebastian is one of the best-known catacombs in the area and sits in the tranquil surrounds of the Appian way.

This unlikely tour is likely to deliver on surprises, so prepare to descend into the great unknown!

Tour Description and Highlights:

San Clemente

Start your tour at St. Clemente church – one of the finest examples of how the Roman’s constructed buildings on top of buildings whether churches, temples or houses. On the inside, discover the sobering sight of the Baroque Basilica that is elegantly decorated with an array of impressive mosaics and frescoes, conceived by Masaccio and Masolino.

Then descend from the sunlight and arrive 3-floors beneath the streets of Ancient Rome, discovering the amazing San Clemente Church alongside its gurgling water source. Relish the journey back to the 1st century AD as San Clemente itself sits atop a 4th-century Basilica which depicts the ‘San Clemente miracles’ – frescoes that seem to show a curious comic-like cartoon dating back to 1100 AD.

The Republican House & The Cult of Mithras

Descending to the Ancient Rome level, you will explore an aged Republican house that was destroyed during the great fire of AD 64. From the 3rd century, its courtyard became a temple for the cult of Mithras, with the noises of a subterranean river creating an eerie experience!

The Delights of an Underground Ancient Rome:

Rome really does extend everywhere, with many of its sites to be discovered underground. Experts continue to turn up all manner of new finds – each incredibly well-preserved – which are not only a thrilling spectacle, but also tell us a lot about the ancestral history of the city. Listen closely to your guide and absorb all their wisdom!

From the catacombs to the underground cemeteries, uncover early Christian burial grounds that sit directly beneath the Appian Way. An incredible site that is over one-kilometre long and finished during the Imperial Period, this is a truly mesmeric space.

The Church of St. Sebastian:

Beneath the Church of St. Sebastian, we find more tunnelled catacombs that protect mosaics, graffiti and wall paintings, all dating back to ancient times. Alongside empty sarcophagi and small Christian altars, there is a real sense of religious heritage in this eerie space.

What’s included in the tour:

– 4 hours Car at disposal
– Professional Certified Guide
– Admission tickets

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